San Antonio DWI Attorney Makes Recommendations

Driving while intoxicated in the state of Texas is a serious matter with severe consequences. If you have been charged with a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), you may not realize all the implications especially if you are not familiar with this type of charge. It is important to act immediately by contacting a professional attorney with credentials for representing clients in DWI arrests. His experience and expertise will save you time and money. Visit this renowned attorney at

The entire process may take extensive time to resolve so be patient For the best possible result, do what your attorney advises. Possible outcomes can be one of the following: 1. acquittal, 2. plea agreement, or 3. trial. Your attorney’s goal will likely be to get an acquittal, allowing you to leave the courthouse without serving time in jail, or probation, and or the payment of fines. This type of case requires time for your lawyer to review the chemical tests and videos from the arresting officer and the extensive paperwork that needs to be examined or filed with the court.

This attorney will make every effort to defend your driver’s license, and this is an important item to discuss with your attorney initially. Suspension typically can be from 90 to 180 days based whether you agreed to a breath or blood test and failed. The Administrative License Revocation (ALR) requires you or your attorney request a hearing within fifteen days from the time of the arrest. At this hearing review, it will be determined whether or not there was probable cause for the police officer to arrest you for DWI.

A DWI charge is a criminal charge and should be taken seriously. Hire an attorney who has experience in this area of the law to focus on your case to get the best possible result depending on the circumstances.

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Personal Injury Attorney Covington Explains Whiplash

If your car has been hit by another vehicle depending on the severity of the impact, you may experience whiplash. Whiplash occurs when your body is violently thrust forward then snaps back. The symptoms of whiplash are not always apparent and may not manifest for several days. If emergency personnel offer their assistance, do not refuse their offer. You may be seriously injured and not realize it. Symptoms may be delayed because the human body releases adrenaline and cortisone after a serious impact which creates a numbing effect for a period of time. However, when these hormones leave the body, you may experience a number of severe health conditions, including tinnitus, back pain, dizziness, jaw and neck pain. Doctors generally order CAT or MRI scans to evaluate the extent of an injury. Complete all recommended tests because your health should be your first priority.

When mounting medical bills and expenses are adding up,  you may want to consider a personal injury claim due to another’s negligence especially if you are unable to work due to pain. It is up to you to pursue financial reimbursement that you are entitled to you according to the law. Tim Upton at Upton Law Firm will assist you in pursuing compensation for your injury. He is an experienced personal injury attorney whose expertise is dealing with insurance companies as well as winning cases for his clients in court.

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New Orleans Divorce Attorney Protects Your Financial Well-Being

Divorce is a serious undertaking; it is the dissolution of a legal marriage. Louisiana, a community property state, has legal requirements governing when and how a marriage can be terminated. These requirements can be complicated and require the expertise of a professional divorce lawyer. Blogs on the internet oversimplify the do it yourself divorce process which can be a real mess if you do not know what your are doing. Why would you want to jeopardize your future financial well being?

The money that you spend on proper representation is minimal compared to the financial obligations that you could incur by not understanding the implications of your decisions. This New Orleans divorce attorney will assist you in making important emotional and financial decisions that can literally impact your future for the rest of your life. His many years of experience in representing individuals in divorces gives you the assurance of a positive outcome. This attorney has experience in handling divorce cases throughout New Orleans and his practice is primarily in the field of divorce law. Not any lawyer will do. You want an expert in the field of divorce law. His skills and expertise will give you the assurance of a positive outcome.